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How to Choose the Best Assisted Living Facility for Your Loved One?

How to Choose the Best Assisted Living Facility for Your Loved One?

Moving an elderly parent to an assisted living facility is an extremely difficult decision to make. To decide when to move itself is a tough task. Once this has been resolved, the next challenge is to find the best place for your loved one.

The main question is how we can find the right assisted living setting. You have to find one that suits your loved one’s personality and lifestyle and where he/she will be properly cared for. You must also look at the budget of the older adult and visit a few assisted living communities in order to compare all available options and to make the best choice.

Looking at assisted living facilities is a tedious process. Each older adult has individual needs. So, evaluation of an assisted living setting should be done based on your specific situation. However, there are many general factors to consider and several of them may be unintentionally overlooked. Here we will list a few questions you should ask before choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one:

Can you talk with the current residents regarding the overall environment at the facility and whether they like the staff and community?

  • Does the facility allow visit with the resident at any time?
  • Does the facility have enough staff members to provide assistance with necessary activities of daily living?
  • Does the center conduct strict criminal background check before appointing employees?
  • Have the staff members been trained on elderly abuse and neglect?
  • Does the center have a policy which allows reporting suspected elder abuse?
  • Do residents often move out of the assisted living facility? If yes, for what reasons?

Additionally, there are some common mistakes people make while choosing an assisted living facility for an elderly.

Mistakes to be Avoided While Choosing Assisted Living

Don’t choose an assisted living facility by its location alone

Many people select a nearby assisted living because they can easily reach there. It is important that you must choose a community that best suits the requirements of their loved one, even though it is far away.

Don’t Choose Assisted Living Based on Its Looks

Many people choose an assisted living as they are excited by its ambiance, design and decor. However, you should not choose a setting just because of its attractive appearance. You must ensure that the residents living in the facility are happy and receiving sufficient care.

Don’t fall victim to marketing gimmicks

Sometimes marketers may pressure you to sign a contract by creating a sense of urgency. They may tell you that only one unit is left or that they could offer you special rates only until the month end. If you succumb to such sale tactics, that could result in selecting a wrong place for your loved one.

Don’t select a facility that suits your preferences instead of the elderly

People often confuse their preferences with their elderly parent’s. Your loved one’s preferences may be different and you should choose an assisted living facility that satisfies his/her tastes.

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